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Before arriving in Angkor, you expect to see the largest historical temple in the world, colossal Buddha faces at high buildings, monuments overgrown by the jungle, and miraculous beauty of sculpture and ornamentation. So you will visit Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm and Banteay Srei and be astonished.

But most visitors are surprised to see another monument of enormous size and mysterious flair, which is fulfilling dreams of exploring ancient ruins of a lost city or forgotten empire in the jungle, more than any other archaeological compound in the world. For those who have already visited Angkor, Preah Khan is as unforgettable as Angkor's 4 top attractions mentioned above.
Preah Khan was a whole temple town on its own, it is from the late 12th century and had been the capital of King Jayavarman VII before he resided in Angkor Thom. He dedicated Preah Khan to his father, identifying him with Lord Lokeshvara, who is the Khmer version of the Mahayana Buddhist saviour Avalokiteshvara. The Buddhist main shrine was surrounded by Hindu and ancestor temples inside the same compound of Preah Khan.

A visit of Preah Khan means crossing a sheer endless sequence of halls and courts. Here you could spend a whole day. We offer a special image gallerie and slideshow for this favourite temple of many guests. For more background information about Preah Khan please visit our page Angkor jungletemples.


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