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Unknown temples are small and remote, but romantic and charming. Discover the secrets
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Apart from circuit tours we offer an alternative, visit Angkor's temples in chronological order
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Prasat Bakan: The largest Khmer temple compound is not Angkor Wat, but Prasat Bakan, remote and ... more
Boat Trips: Angkor may be unsurpassed, but there are more world class tourist destinations close to ... more
Cambodia is a perfect destination for a combination of studytrip, shopping, and beach relaxation
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Our Services:

- Airtickets domestic and worldwide
- Bus and Boat Tickets
- Visa arrangements
- Hotel or Guesthouse reservation
- Transportation rentals
- Private or shared tours in Angkor
- Guided tours in many languages
- Holiday packages
- Tailor-made roundtours
- Pick-up service by car, mini-van, Bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap and, or Siem Reap to Bangkok, or any others place in Thailand. The Cambodian and Thailand drivers are both very fast, skilled and trust drivers. My driver will advise at every step what to do between border. My guide will take you through the border and we have an office on the border to explain the trip and border crossing. Easy, fast, comfortatble and reliable services.

Our Specials:

- Forgotten temples off the beaten track
- Temple visits in chronological historical order

 Unique Asia Travel and Tours

is an independent travel agency and tour operator registered in Cambodia, based in Siem Reap near Angkor.
We are not part of an international holding, we help to develop local tourist business.
Our company is run by locals and 100% owned by Cambodians.
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