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Being a tourist hub, Siem Reap offers plenty of shopping opportunities. The most famous one is the Old Market right in the city centre. There are lots of souvenir stalls for tourists now, but eating in the restaurants here is still less expensive than in the nearby Pub Street. The core area of the roofed Old Market remains to be a place mainly frequented by locals buying fresh food. The largest local market is at the National Road Nr. 6 about 2 km away from the town centre.

The Angkor Night Market was founded in 2007. It was the first night market in Cambodia. Its mission is to preserve traditional Khmer handicrafts, to create jobs for locals and please the demands of foreign guests. Continuously, the number of 100 hut-style stalls in the beginning has increased to 250. The main selling items are shirts and other cloths, bracelets, scarfs, bags, silk paintings, handmade statues, replicas of ancient sculptures and intricate wooden boxes and other wood and stone carvings. Carvings are often used for ornamentation and furniture in Cambodia. Another handicraft nightmarket was opened in 2011 at the left riverbank, just opposite to the Old Market.

Be aware, it is illegal to export original antiques or artefacts from ancient sites.

Besides local markets and night markets, there are two shopping centres and some 24-hour convenience supermarkets. The biggest shopping centre in Siem Reap is called Lucky Mall, Lucky being the largest supermarket chain in Cambodia. They meet standards of developed countries and offer a good selection of local goods and international brands. Only middle- and upperclass Cambodians buy in supermarkets. However, some local goods are surprisingly inexpensive. Otherwise, the price level is a little bit higher than in Thai supermarkets, as most goods are imported from Thailand or Vietnam.  

Battambang is well-known for woodcarvings, on its souvenir market there are also marble sculptures from Pursat and sapphires und rubies from Pailin, brought to Battambang for polishing.

There are three famous local markets in Phnom Penh. The Central Market is the colonial landmark building of the capital. In the large domed hall there is jewellery on offer. In surrounding corridors you will find clothing and other goods for daily life. The Russian Market was introduced for foreigners, and most of them were from the Soviet Union during the years of Vietnamese intervention in the begin of the 1980s. The Russian Market has a large selection of handicrafts, carvings, religious statues, jewellery and gemstones, textiles as well as electronic goods. The Olympic Market (Phsar Olympic) is a three-storey market near the Olympic Stadium. It features mostly wholesale goods. Residents visit it to buy traditional Khmer dresses in bulks.

In addition to the traditional markets, there are now shopping malls, supermarkets, boutiques and art galleries in Phnom Penh. The Sorya Shopping Center is a modern western-style mall, containing many restaurants, too.

An Asian Night Market for tourists and locals was established at Phnom Penh's riverfront recently. It has a wide selection of usual tourist items including handicrafts, art, and silks.


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