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Day Excursions

We offer day trips to satisfy every taste and budget. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us or call us or visit our office in Siem Reap downtown, we are specialized in tailor-made offers. So the itineraries you can study on this page are suggestions only. Basing on those proposals, you can create your own itinerary with suitable modifications. However, the excursions listed below are proven by experienced travellers and are particularly recommended for first-time visitors.


You have a choice. We can arrange most day trips starting and ending in Siem Reap as budget tours with a Tuktuk, which in Cambodia is a roofed open wagon pulled by motorbike, or as a more comfortable sightseeing tour with an A/C vehicle, be it a car with driver for a couple or a van for small groups or a bus. You can also be the passenger or co-driver on a motorbike, indeed, there are no passable roads to some ecciting sites, the last two excursions listed below require the support of an experienced motorbike driver.


Please also let us know, if you like to engage a licenced tour guide. Driver only is less expensive, but would mean transport only, without guiding inside the temple areas, only assistance to find the location and entrances.



"Angkor Highlights" (Tour Code: SR-HT-01-A)

Small and Grand Tour combined


For those visitors who can spend not more than one day in Angkor we offer a combination of the Small and Grand Tour visiting the most intriguing sites only:


- Angkor Thom's iconic South Gate,

- face-tower monument Bayon

- vast flat temple Preah Khan,

- Ta Som with its gate-strangling tree,

- temple-mountain Pre Rup,

- lunchbreak near Srah Srang,

- jungletemple Ta Prohm,

- short stop near Baksei Chamkrong

- Angkor Wat in the afternoon




"Angkor Morning"  (Tour Code: SR-HT-01-B)

Angkor Wat sunrise and Angkor Thom


This uncommon expedition is designed to allow a more intense study of the Angkor Wat and of Angkor Thom's many attractions. You will have to start at you hotel at about 5.15 am and will return to Siem Reap for lunch at about 2.00 pm, the afternoon will be free.


The main purpose of the early start is to enjoy the sunrise at the mirror-pool in front of the Angkor Wat. But there is a second reason: After you enjoyed breakfast in the Angkor Wat area, you can visit the the monument between approximately 7.30 and 9.30 when Cambodia's most popular attraction is less crowded. Afterwards you will study the monuments of Angkor Thom. This "Angkor Morning" tour requires only short distance driving, so you have more time for the sightseeing. It highly recommended to take a guide for this intense tour.


- sunrise experience at Angkor Wat between 5.30 and 6.30

- after breakfast Angkor Wat sightseeing

- Angkor Thom South Gate

- Elephant ride opportunity

- Bayon face-towers

- Baphuon pyramid

- Royal Palace with Phimeanakas temple

- Preah Palilay and Tep Pranam

- Leper King and Elephant Terraces




"Angkor Small Circuit" (Tour Code: SR-HT-01-C)

Classical First Day


For guests who can spend two or more full days in Angkor (this means, spending three nights in Siem Reap at least) we offer the classical two round tours, the so-called "Small Tour" and "Grand Tour". It is recommended to visit the monuments along the small circuit on the first day (since they are older than most of those at the Grand Circuit). 


- Prasat Kravan brickstone carvings

- Srah Srang reservoir

- Banteay Kdei Buddhist flat temple

- Ta Prohm jungletemple

- Ta Keo pyramid

- Thommanon and Chau Say Tevoda

- lunch in Angkor Thom

- Baphuon temple-mountain

- Bakheng hill

- Angkor Wat in the late afternoon




"Angkor Grand Circuit" (Tour Code: SR-HT-01-D)

Classical Second Day


Apart from Pre Rup and East Mebon all monuments visited on the Grand Tour are Buddhist and from the so-called Bayon period (about 1200). This combination of Grand Circuit and Angkor Thom is the "Jayavarman VII - Tour". We propose to visit the monuments in chronological order, this means counterclockwise. Another advantage of travelling along the Grand Route in the opposite direction is that you are not all day long accompanied by the bulk of other Grand-Route-busgroups.  


- Pre Rup pyramid

- East Mebon former island temple

- Ta Som with stone-strangling tree

- Neak Pean ponds

- Preah Khan ruins

- lunch in Angkor Thom

- Terraces of the Leper King and Elephants

- Preah Palilay forest temple

- Royal Palace with Phimeanakas pyramid

- Bayon face-tower temple

- South Gate of Angkor Thom




"East of Angkor" (Tour Code: SR-HT-01-E)

Banteay Srei and Kbal Spean, Banteay Samré and Roluos


This tour visits all the most important Angkorean temples that are not located inside Angkor's core Archaeological Zone. Indeed, Banteay Srei from the 10th century, despite its small size, is the most beloved Khmer temple, because of its sheer beauty. The underwater carvings in the stream bed of Kbal Spean are another exceptional attraction in this area. On the way back you will see the well-restored Banteay Samré, which is in the Angkor Wat style of the 12th century. Finally you visit the Roluos group from the ninth century.


- Banteay Srei, jewel of Khmer architecture

- Kbal Spean jungle trek

- lunch in the Banteay Srei area

- Banteay Samré flat temple

- Preah Ko in Roluos

- Bakong in Roluos

- Lolei in Roluos




"Bang Melea and Koh Ker" (Tour Code: SR-HT-01-F)

The Deep in the Jungle Temples


This day tour requires a car or van or bus because of the farer distances. You will see the most exciting jungle temples outside Angkor. Bang Melea (Beng Mealea)is completely overgrown. Koh Ker is the classical example of a whole city hidden in the jungle.


- Bang Melea jungle temple

- lunch at Koh Ker

- Prasat Pram in Koh Ker

- Prasat Krahom in Koh ker

- Prasat Thom and pyramid in Koh Ker



"Floating Village and Siem Reap" (Tour Code: SR-HT-01-G)

Boat Trip and sightseeing


The full-day package combines a morning excursion to the famous floating village Chong Kneas with additional visits in the southern outskirts and in the centre of Siem Reap. In case to want to climb Phnom Krom for a perfect sunset view, we could arrange the items on the itinerary in a different order.


- boat trip to Chong Kneas

- Phnom Krom temple on top of the hill

- lunch close to the Great Lake

- Wat Athvea temple from the Angkor Wat period

- crocodile farm and exhibition

- traditional markets in Siem Reap

- Wat Bo close to the city centre

- former Grand Hotel and greens along the Siem Reap River

- Wat Ankao Sai with ancient Prasats

- opportunity to visit Angkor National Museum




"Kampong Phluk and Secret Places" (Tour Code: SR-HT-01-H)

Underwater forest and Unknown forest temples


This full-day excursion combines a morning baot trip to the stilt village Kampong Phluk, its swamp forest and the "Great Lake" Tonle Sap with some visits of extraordinary ruins in the surrounding of Roluos. Some of the items on the afternoon itinerary are amazing sites, indeed, in secluded areas, rarely visited by other foreigners. But you must be prepared, the visits will be strenuous, except for another boat drive in a tranquil area.


- Kampong Phluk boat excursion in the morning

- lunch in Roluos

- Prasat Prei Monti ruins

- Toteung Thngai trilithic portals

- if possible, walk or boat trip to Trapeang Phong

- Chau Srei Vibol complex

- 600 steps to the hill temple Phnom Bok 



"Phnom Kulen" (Tour Code: SR-HT-01-J)

Jungle Excitement and Heritage


This full-day excursion to the plateau called Phnom Kulen not only visits the three main attractions near the visitors car park, namely the waterfalls, underwater Lingas and the reclining Buddha on the top of the rock, but includes an off-road motorbike ride (as a co-passenger) to the remote rock-cut giant animal statues as well as to the bats cave.


- river of 1000 Lingas

- Buddha of Preah Ang Thom

- waterfalls of Phnom Kulen

- lunch break near the waterfalls

- motorbike ride to the rock-cut sculptures

- visit of the bats's cave



"Hidden Treasures adventure" (Tour Code: SR-HT-01-K)

Motorbike passenger, to secluded sites at the West Baray


Each traveller needs his own motorbike driver. But in case you agree to see less sites than listed below and are prepared to have a strenuous day, we could arrange a similar guided tour for mountainbiker groups as well.

You will see the rarely visited area to the west of Angkor. The monuments are smaller in size, but of charming tranquility, and you will experience an area of authentic Cambodian villagelife. Please be aware, that some places cannot be reached after heavy rainfall. Lunchbreak will be in a small local restaurant or a picnic only. 


- West Baray reservoir

- opportunity boat trip to the West Mebon

- Ak Yum former pyramid

- Kbal Memay stone bridge

- Kok Po ruin

- Prasat Char towers

- local style lunch break

- Prasat Sralao jungle temple

- Prasat Sampeau firehouse

- amazing Banteay Thom



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